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Using this page is the best way to contact us at House of Tartan. This is because the Subject field will direct your enquiry to the person best suited to answer your request.

Subject selector explanations shown below:

  • General Enquiries:

    Use this if you are unsure which category would apply to your message.

  • Sales/Orders

    You should choose this as the message subject if you have any Sales queries that you find that the catalogue might not address.(eg. Bulk Purchases, availability of other Tartan Products not listed in Catalogue, Tartan Design Service etc) or You should choose this option If you have already placed an order and wish to make contact with House of Tartan regarding that order.

  • Weddings

    You should select this section if you are planning a wedding and would like wedding-specific information. There is also a House of Tartan site specifically about scottish weddings. Funnily enough it's called - Scottish Weddings. So if you haven't already looked at it

  • Scottish Tartans

    For all enquiries/questions about Scottish Clan Tartans you should use this as your message subject.

  • Irish Tartans

    For all enquiries/questions about Irish Family, District and County Tartans then you should use this as your message subject.

  • Ideas/Suggestions

    Use this section if you think of good ideas involving Tartans or tartan related matters that you think might be of interest to us. Also, if there are any ways in which you think we could improve the site, don't hesitate to tell us.

  • Complaints

    If you have a complaint then this is the place to complain to.

  • Report a Fault

    If you have found a fault or bug in our site then we are very sorry, but will be eternally grateful for your passing the details on to us.

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