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Mediumweight Wool 360 Twill Old and Rare

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Mediumweight Wool 360 Twill Old and Rare
This exquisite family of Clan Tartans includes many hard-to-find patterns. Over 420 Beautifully Woven Mediumweight tartans with a true kilting selvedge, reminiscent of the deep rich colours of DW Stewart's "Old and Rare".This is a tartan variant collection in a 13 oz medium weight traditional kilting fabric. Top quality 100% Pure New Wool. Also used for waistcoats, trousers, trews, skirts, furnishings and ties. Double width (140cm 54 inches). Woven in Scotland. 3.66 m (4 yards) required for a kilt. xxx
Price: £69.95 (without tax)
  • Size: 140cm (54in) wide
  • 360g/lm (13oz) Pure New Wool
  • Woven in Scotland
  • Please email us with price enquiries for 10 m and over.
  • NOTE: These fabrics are sometimes only available in Single Width Kilting (76cm) and will be shipped at pro-rata quantity / price.
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