Handfasting Ties, Tartan, Wool

Tartan Handfasting Ties, Wool

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Tartan Handfasting Ties, Wool
A pair of 1.45m long x 5cm wide (2 in x 57 in) hemmed tartan wool strips. Made to order in Scotland especially for handfasting ceremonies at weddings, be they conventional, Humanist or Celtic. Also known as Hand-fasting Ribbons or Cords. Can represent wedding couples selection or family tartans. Order the pair joined together in one long piece or two Separate (un-joined) lengths. Presentation Box. Allow 4 weeks. If your tartans are not available in wool you'll need to order Tartan Sateen Hand-fasting Ties, also to be found in this Wedding Section.
[NOTE: Some premium wool tartans, such as Irish District and Old & Rares etc carry a £15 surcharge. We will advise if your selection is subject to same.] For any enquiries please call us on +44 1764 656671 or e-mail us here
Price: £40.00 (without tax)
  • Size: Size: 2 x 5cm x 145cm (2 in x 57 in)
  • Add the names of the tartans in the box below. Sometimes the tartan number is also useful
  • Machine-hemmed on all sides.Boxed.
  • Choose EITHER 2 separate lengths OR choose both lengths joined together in one continuous 2.8m length.
  • Note: Some Premium Wool tartans carry a £15 surcharge. We will advise if this is the case.
  • Made to order in Scotland

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