Braces, Tartan Suspenders, Dual Clip & Button

Braces, Tartan Suspenders, Dual Clip & Button

Campbell of Cawdor Ancient & Lamont Ancient
Baird Modern
Standard and Extra Long Braces/Suspenders in Crawford Modern
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Braces, Tartan Suspenders, Dual Clip & Button
Finally! 2 in 1 Tartan Braces (Plaid Suspenders) you can change from Clip Style to Button Style in minutes.

Dual Tartan braces come with both options so no need to choose. Probably how braces should always have been made.

Button Braces work better at holding up heavy kilts because sometimes clips can't get a deep enough bite to grip thick fabric properly. Available in choice of over 1000 Pure New Wool Scottish tartans. Great gift and sought-after evening accessory.

If you can't find your tartan in the drop-down list below, no problem: They will soon be available Custom Made on 'In ANY Tartan' Products Section on Home Page.

Extra Long Braces/Suspenders also available - please contact us. Premium applies.
For any enquiries please call us on +44 1764 656671 or e-mail us here
Price: £49.95 (without tax)
  • Size: Standard and Extra Long
  • Standard length fits up to size 44in (122cm) using the Clips, and up to 52in (127cm) using Buttons.
  • Fully Adjustable, Set of buttons included. Extras available.
  • Each pair Made to Order, please allow 4-5 weeks to shipping.
  • Made in Scotland & England.
  • This style soon also available in our 'In ANY Tartan' Range, if you cannot find your tartan on this page.

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