Fabric, Tartan, Wool, Mediumweight, MWS, Buchanan Tartan

Fabric, Tartan, Wool, Mediumweight, MWS, Buchanan Tartan
Buchanan (Miller & Lang) Ancient
Buchanan Hunting 1955 Variant - Ancient Colours
Buchanan Ancient
Buchanan Modern - Large Sett
Buchanan Muted - Large Sett
Buchanan Weathered
Buchanan Hunting Muted
Buchanan Old Muted
Buchanan Modern
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Fabric, Tartan, Wool, Mediumweight, MWS, Buchanan Tartan
This is a tartan variant collection in a 13 oz medium weight traditional kilting fabric. Includes many hard-to-find patterns all with uniquely blended colours. Top quality 100% Pure New Wool. Also used for waistcoats, trousers, trews, skirts, furnishings and ties. Single Width 30 inches (76cm) wide. Woven in Scotland. 7.4 m (8 yards) of single width fabric required for a kilt, and allow extra for flashes.
If you would like to order Buchanan Modern tartan, pleased indicate above whether you require Standard or Larger Sett
For any enquiries please call us on +44 1764 656671 or e-mail us here
Price: £34.97 (without tax)
  • Size: Single Width, 76cm(30in) wide
  • 360 g/lm (13oz) Pure New Wool
  • High quality, kilting fabric
  • Woven in Scotland
  • Please email us with price enquiries for 10 m and over.


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