Tartan Facemasks, Available in most Tartans

Tartan Facemasks, Available in most Tartans

MacBean, McBain Modern
MacBean, McBain Modern
Currie of Balilone
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Tartan Facemasks, Available in most Tartans
Tartan Facemasks made to order in any tartan WE HAVE AVAILABLE. Elasticated ties to allow an easy fit.

With declining demand (YES PLEASE!!!!) we are scaling back which tartans it makes commercial sense to buy in for this purpose.

However, House of Tartan is nothing if not resourceful, and with the option of perhaps printing your tartan in-house, we'll make every effort. We also carry quite a variety of both polyester and wool tartans so might have a bit on hand we can use for your mask.

If we have an issue with the tartan you have chosen, we'll get back to you smartly or refund.

If your tartan has never before been available, you'll need to order a minimum of 6 units in the same tartan to get it printed onto washable polyester.

In any event we will try get you masks in the tartan you need, including matching Hire Tartans for weddings.

(Partner Tartans are all always available in singles). For any enquiries please call us on +44 1764 656671 or e-mail us here
Price: £19.90 (without tax)
  • Size: Size: 8 1/4" (21cm) x 5 1/4" (13cm)
  • 2 identical masks for the price indicated.
  • Allow 2 weeks to dispatch
  • Made to order in Scotland.

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