Jabot, Lace, 18th Century

18th Century Jabot

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18th Century Jabot
This washable lace jabot is modern day replica of a tradiitonal 18th Century Jabot and brings a more romantic approach to the wearing of a Highland coatee. Constructed in intricate polyester lace and polycotton. Lace pattern style may differ from illustration, PLEASE NOTE: Availability in this Jabot style version has been known to be erratic. We recommend the more 'conventiona' Jabot & Cuff set. Please contact us if you must have this version and we'll get a firmer delivery for you.
Price: £65.00 (without tax)
  • Size: One size
  • Collar length - 14.5 in (37cm), Fall - 5.5 in (14cm)
  • Ribbon ties - 17 in (44cm)
  • Made in Scotland . Allow 4-6 weeks to shipping.

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