Tie, Necktie, Lightweight Wool Twill, 500 Tartans
Tie, Skinny Necktie, Lightweight Wool Twill Tartan
Necktie, Irish County Tartan
Tie, Necktie, Welsh Tartan
Tie, Necktie, Wool (& Poly)  in PLAIN COLOURS
Tie, Necktie in ANY Tartan, Handmade Single
Tie, Ruche, Lightweight Wool Tartan
Tie, Ruche, Tartan Silk-effect Dupion Fabric
Tie, Ruche, Silk Effect, Plain Colours
Bow Tie, Lightweight Wool Tartan (Ready Tied)
Bow Tie, Lightweight Wool Tartan (Self Tie)
Bow Tie & Self-Tie Set, Dupion in ANY Tartan
Bow Tie, Black Satin Formal (Ready Tied)
Bow Tie,  Black Silk-Effect (Self-Tie)
Tie, Necktie, Clan Crest
Tie, Necktie, EXTRA EXTRA LONG Tartan, Pack of 2
Jabot & Cuff Set, Lace
18th Century Jabot
Corsages, Tartan Buttonholes, Pack of 10 in ANY Tartan
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