Burns Night, Tartan Sash, Lightweight Wool
Burns Night, Sash, Mini Sash
Burns Night, Sash, Tartan, Mini Rosette
Burns Night Emergency Kit - MINI Sash & Bow-tie
Stole, Lightweight Wool Tartan, plain weave
Shawl, Lightweight Wool, Plain Weave
Burns Night, Bow Tie, Lightweight Wool Tartan (Ready Tied)
Bow Tie, Lightweight Wool Tartan (Self Tie)
Burns Night, Tie, Necktie, Lightweight Wool Tartan
Burns Night, Tie, Necktie, Mediumweight Wool Tartan
Burns Night, Cummerbund & Bow -Tie Set Lightweight  Wool
Rosette Brooches, Hand Made, StockTartans
Burns Night, Corsage with Tartan Ribbon
Waistcoat, Vest, Tartan, in choice of over 500 Wool Tartans
Waistcoat, Vest, Tartan, Ready-Made, Washable
Placemats, Table Mats in ANY Tartan
Coasters, Drinks Mats, in ANY Tartan
Bunting, Tartan Bunting

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