Tartan Accessories

Clothing items including evening wear like ties, bowties, cummerbunds, dance sashes in silk and wool.
Scarf, Lightweight PLAIN WEAVE wool, Tartan
Scarf, Lightweight PLAIN WEAVE wool, Tartan
Tie, Necktie, Lightweight Plain Weave Wool Tartan
Tie, Necktie, Lightweight Wool Twill
Bow Tie, Lightweight Wool Tartan (Ready Tied)
Tie, Ruche, Lightweight Wool Tartan
Scarf, Light Weight TWILL weave wool, Tartan
Cummerbund & Bow -Tie Set Lightweight Wool Tartan
Scarf, Premier Lambswool, IRISH Tartans
Cummerbund & Bow-Tie Set Dress Silk Tartan
Square, Tartan Headsquare, Lightweight
Cummerbund, Lightweight Plain Weave Tartan
Sash, Long Scarf, Lightweight Wool PLAIN Weave
Sash, Tartan, Mini Rosette
Stole, Lightweight Wool Tartan, plain weave
Shawl, Lightweight Wool, Plain Weave
Bonspiel Tartan Tammie
Book: Clan Origins Booklet
Cap, Hat, Baseball with Tartan Skip in 500 Tartans
Cufflinks, Tartan Silk
Cufflinks, House of Tartan Premium

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